Photo taken in 2012.
Photo provided by Rex Tollefson in 2012.
Photo taken by Rex Tollefson in 2012.



2016 Registered Units

3rd Kansas Light Artillery, Battery B
3rd Iowa Independent, Light Artillery Co. B
3rd Kansas Light Artillery, Battery B
9th Texas Infantry, Co. G
13th US Infantry, Co. D
2nd Minnesota
Missouri 16th Jackman's



  • Registration is now open.
  • *NEW* Personal handguns and live ammunition are not allowed to be carried on the event grounds due to Pipestone park ordinance.
  • *NEW* If the hotels in Pipestone are fully booked, there are other hotels available in the surrounding towns of Luverne, Marshall, and Worthington, MN and Flandreau and Sioux Falls, SD. There are also campgrounds available in the area. Contact the Pipestone Chamber office for more information.
  • Due to Minnesota state regulations and for the safety of everyone at the event, drones are not allowed on site, in camps or in the parking areas.
  • We will have some wonderful new additions to the PCWD grounds for 2016, thanks to the city of Pipestone, including new bathrooms.
  • The Grand Ball will be held on the grounds in the Hiawatha Lodge and Not at the Courthouse like previous years.
  • The grounds will be open to the public on Saturday from 8 am - 4:30 pm and 8 pm-10pm; Sunday from 8 am - 4 pm.
  • All participants MUST be registered. Registration is free for all reenactors in 2016.
  • All reenactors will receive a $5 voucher good at stores/restaurants/gas stations in Pipestone, a free 5 pound bag of ice, firewood and straw.
  • The Southern encampment will be at the bottom of the hill and the North will be at the top the same as 2014.
  • Setup begins for the event Wednesday, August 10. Please confirm setup location with PCWD staff before you begin.
  • Join us for event updates on Facebook.
  • Groups or individuals interested in presenting programs on CW topics for our 2016 event please contact us.
  • All registered units will be posted on our website with a link to your webpage (when available) and announced on Facebook.
  • Dogs, horses, and other pets are not allowed on the premises during the event. Please leave them at home.
Rifle Regulations:
  • Ordinance rifle: 6 or 12 lb mountain , 6 or 12 lb Napoleon, or such as can be documented on Infantry or cavalry fields. We do not want naval guns of 1/2-3/4 scale guns. All guns must be able to pass inspection by an ordinance inspector. Small arms for infantry must be documented. Not kit guns or modern muzzle loaders. Inspection of arms will take place in both camps prior to taking the field to ensure reenactor and spectator safety.


Local Dining and Lodging:

View area dining and lodging options at our Local Lodging and Dining page


Looking for more Reenacting Information?

Check out the Civil War Reenactment Headquarters for Events, Reenacting Units & Supplies.


Contact a Camp Commander:

Photo provided by Craig Grantz in 2014.
Photo provided by Craig Grantz in 2012.
Photo taken in 2012.
Photo provided by Craig Grantz in 2012.


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