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Laurie Ness teaches knitting in 2012.Marty DeWitt Storyteller and Musician. Photo provided by Craig Grantz in 2012Max Danielson as President Lincoln visiting the shops. Photo provided by Barb and Mark Mathwig in 2012.Living History Society of Minnesota's Tea Program. Photo provided by Craig Grantz in 2012.


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*New* Storyteller Jim Two Crows Wallen *New*
National award winner, Jim Two Crows Wallen, is an oral historian who combines his love of history with a good story, keeping you spellbound. For over 25 years, the Missouri native has captured the imaginations of audiences spanning three continents. Two Crows invites you to be submerged in history through his exciting presentations on the Civil War.

Returning for a second year: Faire Wynds Medicine Show
"Step up, step up! Right this way to the Medicine Show! A time to be amazed, be amused and have all of your cares, worries, aches and pains disappear! The Medicine Show has come to YOUR town! And so the call goes out. Something so unique to America and Canada-combine the quack doctors of the old world with the circus of the new, and look out! The Medicine Show was born! Please don't worry, we aren't going to try to solve your problems with some scurrilous medicine! Certainly not! Ours is totally above board! Why, if you use OUR medicine, your Husbands will be smarter! Wives will be prettier! Children will be quieter! Mules will be stronger! Cows will be contenteder! Chickens will be...well, chickener! The medicine shows of the past were made up a lot of families, and this one is no exception. Based upon an actual medicine show of the early 1800's, Faire Wynds has tried to bring you a fresh look at entertainments of the past. Because most of the show was devoted to the free entertianments, that is what we focus on, as well. Magic, juggling, feats of strength and dexterity, fire-eating and escapeology-with just a good dose of the Professor's good wit will keep just about any ill at bay! And remember-if it ain't Professor Chalmers Bodkin-Child's Amazing Patent Medicine, it's something else!"

Music of the Civil War
Just as it is today, music was a vital element in the everyday lives of men and women of the Civil War. Music was sung and played at home, in the camps by the soldiers, performed by regimental bands on the march, and was often played on the battlefield. The more than fifty thousand songs of this era came to express people's goals, aspirations, fears, and emotional and physical pain. Learn more about the music and the instruments from Marty DeWitt and the "History of Civil War Music".
Musician Bob Welch
A tall fellow, with a slouch hat and baggy pants, Bob Welch combines storytelling and history to bring songs of the 1860's to musical life. Bob and his original song, "The Ballad of Jennie Wade" were honored in the "Song of the Year" songwriting competition and featured in the national magazine, "The Gettysburg Companion." Welch, toting his guitar and banjo, will be performing both days of the event.

Dr. Cranium
Ever wonder about your future, your past, or about all those bumps on your head? Visit Dr. Cranium at CWD! By exploring those bumps on your head, he can answer your burning questions and explain the mysteries you always wanted to know, but never knew who to ask.

Wandering Magician
In his second appearance at PCWD, magician and conjurer, Jesse Moffit, will be wandering throughout the grounds demonstrating his illusions and amazing the public. Historically, the traveling magician and sometimes rogue traveled from community to community, entertaining the children and occasionally swindling the unsuspecting in a game of three card Monty or playing the shell game. Beware that he does not engage you in a game of Three Card Monty, or you may have to sell your horse to afford the trip back home.

Comedy Team
Mason and Dixon, renowned naval historians, but better known for their comedy, will be performing for a second time at CWD. Their act will not only educate but keep you smiling and laughing for the duration of their performance. You will not want to miss their show and their wit! Performances will be given throughout each day at Sharpsburg Tent at the bottom on the hill.
A Weekend with the Lincolns
Abraham Lincoln was president at a pivotal time in American history. While the Union was divided, he made crucial decisions which still impact our nation today. And this weekend, President and Mrs. Lincoln are making a special visit to Pipestone.

The highlight of anyone's visit will be "An Evening with the Lincolns at the White House" at the Pipestone Performing Arts Center. In this poignant presentation, the Lincolns prepare to leave for Ford's Theater on April 14, 1965, they reveal much about their lives together, beginning with their courtship, early marriage, and the tumultuous years of the Civil War. They reflect on the Presidency, their lives, and their time in White House. This program leaves an impression on all who attend. The performance will be at the Performing Arts Center on Saturday, August 9 at 5:30 . Tickets are $3.

Over the weekend at the event grounds, the President will be reviewing the troops, discussing the causes and effects of the Civil War, assessing the battle of Gettysburg, and giving a press conference on the State of the Union during the difficult war years. The President talks about growing up in a log cabin, how he got his beard, why he wears such a tall hat. He stresses the importance of getting a good education, having respect for the law, and never giving up on oneself. Do not miss this rare opportunity to talk to President and Mrs. Lincoln.
Faire Wynds Medicine Show and Flea Circus. Photo provided by Barb and Mark Mathwig in 2012.Surgeon program in 2012. Photo provided by PCWD staff.Doctor Crainium amazes crowds with his ability to tell your future by reading the bumps on their heads in 2012. Photo provided by Craig Grantz.


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